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Although ReSharper provides an option for forcing the presence of the "this" qualifier when referencing an instance member, there is no way to tell him to force the presence of a qualifier for static members.
For instance, such code would be considered valid by ReSharper, regardless of your ReSharper configuration:

To overcome this limitation, FinlogiK ReSharper Contrib adds a new inspection option regarding static members qualifiers.



The severity of this rule can be configured via the ReSharper Inspection Severity panel.

The plugin also ships with a code cleanup option for static qualifiers.
Beware, however, that the cleanup option "Shorten qualified references" will remove all static qualifiers, so if you want this option enabled but do not want all your static qualifiers to be removed then you should also enable the "Arrange static qualifier" option.


To install, simply download the FinlogiK.ReSharperContrib.dll file.
Create a folder named "FinlogiK Contrib" in the ReSharper plugin folder (by default, it should be "C:\Program Files\JetBrains\ReSharper\v5.1\Bin\Plugins").
Copy within that folder the file you just downloaded.
That's it!

Changing the plugin code

If you would like to modify the plugin for your own internal use, feel free to do so. The source code is available for download.

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